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TASS Conference Presentations



2019 TASS Conference Presentations


Keynote Presentation:

After the Reform Era A Path Forward for Academic Support Pedagogy

Keynote Presenter: Dr. Norman Stahl

After the Reform Era A Path Forward for Academic Support Pedagogy


2015 TASS Conference Presentations


Keynote Presentation:

New Approaches to Old Problems: how “guided pathways” can lead to student success

Keynote Presenter: Paul N. Markham

Program Officer, Postsecondary Success

New Approaches to Old Problems: how “guided pathways” can lead to student success


Sharing Belonging and Growth Strategies to

Encourage Student Academic Confidence and Success



Donna B. Nalley, Ph.D, English Program Director
Jennifer Ferraro, MFA, Assistant English Program Director

South University Online, College of Arts and Sciences

Broad Based Collaboration + Unique Pedagogy = A Promising Learning Community for Students Who Place into Developmental Math & English


Presenter: Adriane W Hutchinson
Dean of Academic Development
McHenry County College


Access & Disability Services:  Providing Services and Support that Lead to Success


Presenters: Pascuala Herrera, M.Ed., Professor, Learning Specialist
Debbie Franzen, M.Ed. Accommodation and Transition Specialist
Harper College

Experiential +Engagement +Algebra Courses =Effective Student Learning


Presenter: Denise Wilkinson
Mathematics Professor
First Year Experience Director
Virginia Wesleyan College

Doing Learning: A Pragmatic Study Skills Course for Underprepared Students


Presenter: Jonathan Vieker, Academic Advisor
Truman State University


Engaging Readers’ Intellect and Affect: New Approaches to Reader Response


Presenters: Prof. Laura B. Soldner,
Department of English
Northern Michigan University




2013 TASS Conference Presentations


Musical Chairs:  A Second One Makes More Winners
Peer Mentors as Secondary Leaders

Presenters: Dana D’Angelo, Clinical Professor
Susan Epstein, Associate Clinical Professor
LeBow College of Business
Drexel University, Philadelphia PA


"Bridging the Virtual Gap with eJournals"


Presenter: Donna B. Nalley, Ph.D.
South University Online – English Program Director
College of Arts and Sciences

"Memorization and Learning: The Distinction that Serves as the Cornerstone for Preparing Students for College Success"


Presenter: Dr. Lisa Liseno
ACE Faculty: Associate in Undergraduate Studies
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Philosophy
Florida State University


Magic Number Seven:  Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education


Presenter: Barbara Wolfe
Vice Chancellor for Student Development
Appalachian State University




2010 TASS Conference Presentations

2010 Conference Brochure

March 21-24, 2010
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Providing More Effective Support Services and
Making Them Matter to Administrators

Presenter: Hunter Boylan, Ph.D., Professor and Director
National Center for Developmental Education, Boone, North Carolina

"He's a great professor, but . . . ":
What We Think We Know About Student Perceptions But Often Don't


Presenter: Henrik Eger, Ph. D., Professor of English and Communication Delaware County Community College, Media, PA

Developmental Education: How Are We Doing?

Presenter:David Hartleb, President
Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill MA

Focus Group: Tass Conference Report

Presenter: Elizabeth M. Hastings, Professor
Middlesex Community College, Lowell, MA

Broader Ideas

Presenter: Cindy Wallace
Vice Chancellor for Student Development
Appalachian State University

2009 TASS Conference Presentations

2009 Conference Brochure

March 8-11, 2009
West Palm Beach, Florida


Cool Assistive Technology Tools for Everyone

Presenter: Kathy Burris
Assistive Technology Coordinator & Educator at Landmark College, Putney, VT

Giving Voice to Our Students’ Great Ideas

Presenter: Linda A. Desjardins
Professor at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill MA

Wise Choices
Teaching Personal Responsibility Through Responsible Decision-making

Presenter: Dr. Carol Gleichsner
Associate Professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, PA

Failure to Launch

Presenter: Dr. Lane A. Glenn
Vice President of Academic Affairs at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill MA

Designated Tutoring:
Intervention for At-Risk First-Year College Students

Presenters: Tina Kondopoulos, Director, SGS Peer Tutoring, and Lynn Dornink, Associate Director General Studies Program
Northeastern University, Boston MA

Breaking Boundaries to Promote STEM Succes

Presenters: Ms. Cathy Lysy and Dr. Carla Romney, Science and Engineering Program, Boston University, Boston MA

Academic Survival Skills 24/7

Presenter:Lucy Tribble MacDonald M.A.
Faculty, Chemeketa Community College, Sarasota FL


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Thank you, Teacher!
Celebrating the Present, Touching the Future

Presenter: Steve Piscitelli
Professor, Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Jacksonville FL

Successful Online Learning
A Collaboration between Student and instructor

Presenter: Robin S. Robinson
Director of Distance Education, Framingham State College, Framingham MA

Building up, not Breaking down: Weaving approaches to Reading

Presenters: Marilyn McCarthy and Patricia Schade
Professors at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill MA

Peer Review, Leadership in Reading and Metacognition:
Reading Apprenticeship in Action

Presenter: Patricia Schade
Assistant Professor at Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill MA


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